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Survey: Duinoord Neighbourhood Agenda Questionnaire

“A pleasant neighbourhood with and for the people who live, work and visit there. This is the shared goal on which residents, entrepreneurs, community organisations and the municipality will be working together for the next four years. In a joint effort, they will identify the important improvements the neighbourhood needs. The Neighbourhood Agenda will help residents, entrepreneurs, community organisations and the municipality to implement these improvements together."

In recent weeks, the municipality has had talks in Duinoord about the neighbourhood. Residents, shopkeepers, the residents' association, the neighbourhood police officer, welfare workers and many other parties have had their say. From these discussions, topics emerged that we would like to submit to a large group of residents via this questionnaire. This is how we can find out whether the issues and opportunities identified are perceived as such by other residents and to what extent. 

However, this does not mean that there can be immediate solutions to everything. Some issues are simply difficult to deal with, such as a shortage of parking spaces in the neighbourhood. But even if feasibility is a challenge, it is good to know where residents perceive problems. For instance, circumstances may change or new solutions may present themselves. 

Based on all the talks, the outcomes of this questionnaire and a feasibility check with the municipality, we will draw up the Neighbourhood Agenda for the next four years. 

This questionnaire will allow you to voice your opinion. 

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Start date 05 May 2021
End date 20 June 2021
47 questions - The survey is anonymous

The survey has been closed

It is unfortunately no longer possible to fill in the survey because it has been closed at 20 June 2021.

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